Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Freedom - An Inspiring Video about a Spectacular Future

The topic of a truly free society is an exciting and uplifting proposition.  The discussion of life lived with truly consistent values and morals, where there are no loop-holes and no escape clauses, brings a restful calm when considered.  This topic also forces one to consider the dirty, manipulative nature of the business of politics as the inevitable result of a system based on a monopoly of the "virtuous" use of force.

The topic of a free society is of course a delicate, emotionally charged, subject.  When the idea of a free society of humans, all with equal rights, is proposed, the vast majority of individuals will attack, defend, or fog the issue.  At all cost, the moral rules (which by definition must be universal) governing the current state system will be avoided, bent, or twisted.  When an argument based on morality can not be refuted, arguments from effect will surface.  When arguments from effect fail, individuals will return to arguments from morality.  The conversations often go in circles, with no reference to previously established truths or facts.

The company in which you, as a free thinking, creative, curious individual, can discuss ground breaking ideas free from manipulative attack is limited to small pockets of intellectually honest individuals.  I sincerely hope you have a group of people with which you can talk honestly and critically.  If you are looking for more honest thinkers, I highly recommend participating in the Freedomain Radio discussion boards

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