Friday, August 24, 2012

The Most Thrilling Conversation I Have Found!

Freedomain Radio is home to the most exciting conversation in which I have ever engaged.  It's thousands of podcasts and hundreds of discussion board participants delve deep into all topics relating to being a thinking, feeling human.

The conversation starts with philosophy, logic, and rationality which are used to discover the difference between truth and falsehood.  From there these rational methods are used to rationally evaluate many abstract things in the world including politics, economics, art, environmentalism, religion, and family.  The conversation then turns back inward to delve deep into truths about self, empathy, emotions, history, relationships, choice, myths, stories, and psychology.

The exciting and new thread which follows through every discussion is the fact that every one of these topics is springing forth from the same place: the human brain.  The result is that, with a little rigor, we can see parallels and connections between and across all of these subjects and disciplines.

The work I am doing, to increase my self-knowledge and raise my interpersonal effectiveness and strive to be a hero for my values in my life, is more powerful than anything I have experienced before.  My mind is firing on all cylinders and ,my awareness of the world around me has been heightened. 

All the while, my best friend and partner Sharon has been on a parallel journey of her own self exploration.  The work we are doing on ourselves, and consequently on our relationship has found the quality, honesty, and excitement of our shared time skyrocketing higher than either of us would have ever imagined possible.

We are both eager to discuss all that we have been able to achieve so far, and how much farther we are excited to travel!  If you are curious, love thinking, wonder about feelings, and sometimes find yourself bored, drop either of us a line.  We have plenty of excitement to go around!

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