Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinterest - The Power of Infinite Shared Inspiration

Pinterest - The Power of Infinite Shared Inspiration
Pinterest - Infinite Shared Inspiration

Have You Been Inspired by Photos on Pinterest Yet?

Like most people who have been referred to Pinterest.com, I have found myself inspired by the power of socially shared content. The raw power of the internet is being harnessed by countless people to strengthen our social connections, and share our thoughts, dreams, inspiration, and passions. The most successful websites of the past five years have been those which enable digital social sharing of simple everyday activities.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Honest Emotions - Anger and Empathy

Anger and Happiness - Both Honest Emotions


I am angry. I am not ashamed of how angry I am at those who perpetrate horrible state systems such as the Federal Reserve.  Of course it is not hard to admit negative feelings at those who use fogging, euphemistic language to cover up the crime of stealing from the poor and unborn through a legalized monopoly of counter-fitting.  The hypocrisy of being a counter-fitter while railing to the world about the evils of counter-fitters is abominable.

It is much more hard to accept the anger I feel towards those who, with full knowledge of the situation, not only do not object, but omit discussion of the truth.  I will no longer give any sanction to those who have full knowledge of the evil deeds of others, but chose to keep quiet about it.  The silence of conformity is literally killing millions of people, turning tens of millions to drugs and other self abuses, and subjecting hundreds of millions to brain deadening forced indoctrination.

My parents, my mentors, and my educators all individually chose not to discuss the robbery, blood, and outright evil of the various state activities of which whey were fully aware. It find this is the case for almost every other person I have met.  Their motives are not important.  No internal motive to hold back truth can ever come close to the external destruction caused by turning away from truth.

I will no longer be silent in the face of wrong doers.  I will no longer be silent in the face of those who focus on the sea shells as a tsunami rises before them.  I will no longer be silent when a my own father states that he is not so sure that an entire class of people should not be killed.

I will no longer be silent when former loved ones argue over which potential political hood ornament on the Mac truck of the state likes dogs, or will support their pet position.  I will not be silent as those around me argue over where the golden gun of the state should be aimed.  They argue over who should be threatened by the golden gun without once stopping to ask why they are supporting threats of any kind.


The more and more I have worked on my own ability to emapthise with both myself and with others; the more I see the cold detached nature of those who have destroyed their own self-empathy and empathy for others.  I see those who will talk to you for paragraphs on end not pausing to show respect to your understanding, reaction, or experiences of what they have said.  I see people who ask almost no questions of those around them.  They have all of their answers worked out in their head, and are only looking for confirmation.

It breaks my heart to have to be working through these issues even with my dearest partner.  Recently we talked for quite some time about emotions, empathy and experiences.  In our initial conversation she asked one question of me to every ten questions I asked to her.  Of course my empathy (such as it is so far) allows me to see the horrible training she received as a child.  I see that no one who claimed to love her, took the time to really question how she experienced her life. 

Above all, I know she values truth and honesty even in the face of huge pain. Later that evening, she showed a glimmer of empathy which I took as a sign that it was safe for me to open up.  We confronted these issues, and she listened with an open mind and real curiosity.  In this case she acknowledged her pains but did not let them run her.

In the week since, she has made a concerted effort to ask more questions and see the world from my experience.  It is very rough going for her but she is vigilant and driven.  The best part is that she is not showing change to benefit me; no she is much more wonderfully selfish.  She is showing change to benefit her.  She has see a spot in herself that she did not like, and she has not backed away.  She has the bravery to take on the demons given to her long ago and demonstrate her command over her future.

We all command our futures weather we want to admit it or not.  I am continuing to make every effort to change myself into the hero I want to be.  I will not stop improving, not ever.


This blog post was written while I felt a huge amount of anger, anxiety, and fear.  It is very probable that you also felt strong emotions in reading this post.  Emotions are very important clues to our experiences of our past.  If you find yourself emotionally charged, I invite you to look into yourself and see where you have felt this feeling before.  I can guarantee you that I am not transmitting emotions to you over the wires of the internet.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Case Study in Positive Commenting

I tip my hat to you.

I recently felt very positive emotions when reading a comment response to my recent post [What is With People These Days? - The Neutralization of Childhood] which focused on John Gatto's article detailing the state of government schools.

JamesR's comment displayed behavior which I feel compelled to call out and champion as an example of honorable and respectful discourse. James specifically performed the courageous acts:

Friday, September 07, 2012

Authentic Living - An Inspiring Blog Series

This past week I have been powerfully inspired by Hannah's writing at BecommingWhoYouAre.net.  Her honest clear writing delves into topics of self respect and authenticity with a clarity and concise nature hardly seen on this blog.  I also truly appreciate the clear, calm design of her website.  The simplicity really helps me focus on the important topics being discussed.

I have found especially helpful her blog series on Authentic Living.  I recommend that you take the time to inhale in her writing.  I experience her articles like a breath of fresh air.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Neglecting My Feelings - A Lesson Learned

Blanking Out - Suppressing Emotions
Today at work I noticed spikes in my emotions at a few crucial moments, but I did not consciously deal with a trending pattern of anxiety build up which was steadily rising throughout the day.  In fact, I did not truly connect with the magnitude of my emotions or my self-detachment from what I was feeling until it was pointed out by my partner Sharon as we car pooled home from the Walt Disney World Resort.

While continuing to chart the depths of my unexplored emotional past and present, I have been surfacing parts of my history which have lay hidden and fogged for long periods of time.  This process is revealing an exciting, charged surge of emotions and understanding, which is allowing me to make connections from my past to my present as well as from my logical mind to my emotion expressing subconscious.

I have struck a pressurized emotion deposit which once struck, now gushes to the surface, excited to be seen and heard. While this is fun and exciting to explore with the help of websites, podcasts, and most of all Sharon's help; I now realize that this emotional openness is a state I am not accustomed to which leaves me vulnerable to emotional build ups at the office.

The Power of Words - What is A Concept?

After a decade and a half of formal education in both public and private institutions, I could not tell you what a concept really was and how it related to words and objects.  As I have dived into the study of thoughts and emotions, I have found a large number of fellow explorers interested in discussing the deep and complex nature of how we think.

One such person read my post, "The Power of Words - How Concepts Define Our Thoughts" and was very supportive of my work in this area.  He recommended that I review the following article on HubPages which describes in detail everything you ever needed to know about concepts.  Excerpted below I have included the primary topics covered to pique your interest.  The full article expands on each of these topics greatly.

The Ontology of Language: What is a CONCEPT?

(This one is a must read even if you skip the rest.  Concepts can not act or do since they are only associations of objects.)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Power of Reddit - Finding Self Growth Articles

Have you discovered reddit?  Reddit is a very popular social bookmarking site. It allows people with like interests to gather together and share links to articles, photos, video, and audio which interest them.  I was very excited to find link sharing groups relating to my interests.  Here is my favorite:

Reddit - Self Growth

Self Growth is a reddit for all of those interested in improving themselves and their lives. Environment and personal relationships profoundly influence brain development and belief systems about the self. Discussions on these topics is encouraged. Sharing and support for people's personal experiences also is.

If you are yearning for stimulating content and don't seem to be finding it in your mass market web locations; I encourage you to dive into reddit to find more obscure and challenging content promoted by people who think like you.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Playful Communication in Relationships: The Power of Laughter and Play

playful communication
Laughter has a powerful effect on health and well-being. It relieves tension and stress, elevates mood, enhances creativity, and provides a quick energy boost. Laughter also brings people together and helps them better navigate conflict. Mutual laughter and play are an essential part of strong, healthy relationships. Use these tips to incorporate more humor and play into your love relationships – as well is your connections with coworkers, family members, and friends.

Play, Creativity, and Learning: Why Play Matters for Kids and Adults

Playing Together for Fun: Creative Play and Lifelong Games
Play is simultaneously a source of relaxation and stimulation for the brain and body. A sure (and fun) way to develop your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and mental health is to play with your romantic partner, officemates, children, grandchildren, and friends.

Continue Reading...

Monday, September 03, 2012

The Power of Words - How Concepts Define Our Thoughts

Words are important.  As it turns out, grammar matters.  Don't believe me? I know I would have been skeptical this time last year.  I remember English teachers trying to teach me proper grammar; what I don't remember is any mention at all of the fact that accurate grammar is the most fundamentally important skill any individual can possess.  It turns out, words have the power to bend our minds; even more surprising: we know it.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Philosophy of Characters - Inspired by Disney Fictions

Today experienced the new Belle meet and greet attraction soon to open at the Enchanted Forrest section of Fantasyland in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  The anticipation of visiting the ground breaking attraction got me thinking back to a familiar philosophy topic of mine, the philosophy of fiction. In the case a fictional story character such as Belle:

  • What is a character?
  • Why do representations of a single character vary?
  • Who defines a characters existance?

What is With People These Days? - The Neutralization of Childhood

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "What is wrong with people these days?"  How about, "Why does this or that adult think/act like that?"

On average I hear asked...

  • Why do people lack curiosity?
  • Why do they lack patience and attention spans?
  • Why do they lack determination and energy?
  • Why do they accept what they are told?
  • Why do they not stand up for themselves?
  • Why do people feel alone and alienated?
  • Why do they not reach out to each other?
  • Why do they feel worthless?
  • Why do they not trust themselves?
  • Why are they afraid of being wrong, of being judged, of being punished?
  • Why do they put up with boring, meaningless lives?
  • Why do the accept disrespect and bullying?
  • Why are they content to consume stories about others lives while throwing away their own?

Were you aware that these questions have been answered already?  Were you aware they were answered 40 years ago?  Are you open to learning how many millions of people are involved in making sure these questions are not answered?