Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Personal Hero

You could avert someone from decades of repetition, trying to scratch an internal itch with an external action. That would be true heroism.

We all know people who use external behaviors to attempt to address internal issues. The psychology of substance addiction being well documented as a person's compensation for internal pains. One great article on this topic is: Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect - Its Role in Alcoholism & Addiction

While these extreme cases garner much attention, for everyday life, I have noticed constantly most everyone participating in these types of external/internal dichotomies at some level for numerous topics. I wrote in depth on one particular example which occurred at a business lunch last year: Someone Who Can't Stand...Themselves?

I have found personally that it is very hard to see these dichotomies in action within ourselves.  This is another value of having a trusted other nearby to watch out for you.  An empathetic and honest outsider can see the repetition and irrationality in our behaviors clearly, if they have the bravery to call us on them.

What internal itches do you scratch with external actions or experiences? How has that worked so far?

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