Monday, July 22, 2013

Accepting Oatmeal Conversations

Hiding the truth of your experience will guarantee a steady stream of oatmeal like conversations from here to the end of your time.
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I am very passionate about exploring the infinite complexity of being human. Each of us has hundreds of thousands of hours of experiences which have been foundational to: who we are today, what we value, what piques our interests, and what motivates our choices.

We each have more amazing, complex, and thought provoking things to talk about than we could ever explore.  This means if we are engaged in a boring pasty grey interaction, it is by the choice of both parties involved.  This state is most often driven by fear.  For what else but fear and the resulting self defenses could possibly hold us back from the torrent of intellectual and emotional adventure we each long to share?

We so often hide our true experience  our passions, our feelings, our dreams, all in the name of "self protection."

What good is self protection if it enables us to continue to...drip...away...our...hours around those with whom we fear sharing our true selves?

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