Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evaluating Evaluation

On what basis you assign meaning? What do you flag as important? What do you dismiss as a blur?

The world outside me is filled with stuff, people, and events. The value of that external world is held deep within me, the result of my evaluation based on internal principals.

A thing can hold no value, no emotion, no magic.  It is I who hold all emotion, all value, all magic.  It is mine to assign or remove at will.  We each hold this amazing power.  With these evaluations we can create great pleasure and peace, or great pain and conflict.

Each time we hold our evaluations dear as inseparable components of our inner selves, we take responsibility for those valuations.  We are forced to take pause, give due consideration, act with humility so as not to soil our name, nor disrespect all that got us here.  With each solid evaluation we are able to take pride in our accurate perception of the world and our ability to clearly hold our values dear.

On the other hand, each time we project our evaluations out into the world as though they are independant universal facts of reality, our evaluations become seemingly much more powerful in their supposed lack of subjectivity.  In divorcing our evaluations from ourselves, we loose responsibility for those values.  We insulate ourselves from the risk of error and in turn encourage error prone haphazard value judgement.

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