Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eyeing the Storm

People rain on our parades. Empathy sees the vast complexity of their storm. Humility knows their storm cannot be pinned down by us. Respect knows they can choose to break free of their patterns. Honesty sees all too often we are the storm for others.
Inspired by the post Empathy, Curiosity and Intrigue

We stand against the wind being soaked by the torrents of another.  Do we focus on our wetness, uncomfort, and inconvenience?  Do we look past our immediate condition and behold the majesty of the storm? Do we seek shelter away from the powerful forces?

I guess it all depends on if we anticipated the storm.  Did we come well equipped?  Did we make provisions for drying off and warming up after?

How about you?  Are you prepared for the next big one?  What will you do in the face of the storm of another's emotions?  What will you do in the face of your own?

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