Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Into the Dark

I risk creeping into that dark place inside where I hold pain, fear & anger. I seek to understand my present, unravel my past, and ensure my future.
Looking into the jungles of our inner emotions: The Lesson of a Soccer Goal
As my partner Sharon and I have built up our relationship we have discovered a powerful pattern: Pushing through pain honestly yields peace and freedom, while ignoring pain and covering it with fog yields torment and resentment.

For the last 12 months our mantra has been "Head towards pain."  Pain has become a beacon to attract us to experiences  feelings, and histories which need attention.  Once we give the needed attention to these things, we find ourselves coming out the other side with strength, respect, and wisdom.

It is such a shame that we have only now found this pattern so many decades into our lives.  There are so many pains needing so much attention.  Pushing towards pain is grueling and arduous work, but each resolution becomes a firm brick laid and interlocked to support our future adventures.

As for today; what more risky, thrilling, and complicated adventure could we choose than running the boobitrapped gauntlet to find our authentic selves?

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