Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thankful for Kind Criticism

I am exhausted.  I just spent large portions of my weekend tearing apart a recent blog post, rewriting it from the ground up.

I had the fortune of receiving a detailed critical analysis of one of my blog posts.  I had submitted the post to a review committee for possible inclusion in a hard copy publication. The reviewer honored me by identifying my potential and respecting me enough to hit me with brutal honesty about the issues with my writing.

Reading the comments, I was struck with fear and anxiety.  I felt so exposed having my work torn apart and examined on a cold slab.  At the same time, I could not look away.  This reviewer identified deep patterns of grammar, structure, and attitude to which I was blind up until this point.  The attitude comment hit me the hardest.

I expend a large effort extolling the virtues of empathy on this blog and elsewhere.   I was shocked looking back at my blog post, I had spent almost no energy really seeing my work from a reader's point of view.  My blog post had followed my personal train of thought meandering across topics and viewpoints leaving a mess that was confusing and at times insulting.

I am so happy to have had a reviewer who could look past the severe structural issues with my writing, and see a valuable core idea within.  It is wonderful to have such supportive people in my life.  More thanks goes to Sharon who helped me immensely in editing my revised submission.

If my revised submission is accepted, I will be sure to publish it here for your enjoyment.


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