Friday, August 02, 2013

Identifying Standards - Defense Against the Fog

Useful Standards Stand Alone Solid and Unchanging

Standard rule how I think about myself and others.  Thoughts such as, "I really should do X." or "I really should not say Y." are directive ideas built on standards of behavior.  With others, thoughts such as, "She should have had more empathy." or "He eats really loudly." are evaluations based on standards.  Standards are so powerful in our minds that they deserve careful consideration.

An ill defined or even contradictory standard can lead us to mental anguish, frustration, fear, and anger.  A false standard can also encourage us to to be blind to destructive and manipulative influences in our lives.  In the worst case a false standard can result in our own self abuse from which we are very unlikely to escape.  

In this post I look into what standards are, why they hold so much power, how they can be used against you, and how to immunize yourself against their misuse.

Unifying Mind and Body, Past & Present

A long walk and a long talk join mind and body in a common adventure.
I dare to walk the road with my mind and body engaged.

I absolutely love thinking.  I love conversing.  I love being outside.  I have only recently made an effort to combine these loves.  I find an intriguing strength in taking a long walk while also recording myself talking about my thoughts.  In thinking, my mind can go on an adventure through the past, present, and future.  In talking, my mind and body work together to attempt to put my thoughts into a digestible sensible format.  In walking, my body gets to go on its own adventure through spaces, sights, sounds, and feelings.

While the mind can wander through time and space, the body is forever trapped in the here and now.  The unification of these acts in one purposeful action for an extended period brings me much peace.  I have a feeling of being integrated.  A feeling of cohesive application of all my being into one task.  There is much to be read on living in the now, or being mindful of the past.  I would like to read about how I can bring the past present and future into one unified experience.  It seems to be in reach.

I am starting to wonder how I can arrange my life to best leverage these loves and my resulting passions to create the most good in the world.  I think another walk is in order.