Friday, November 15, 2013

Personal Evaluation - Mapping My Perspective on Myself

I would like to share a note about perspective and focus with regards to personal evaluation.  Given the dynamic nature of my experiences, my needs and my areas of expertise, personal evaluation can be a complex topic to tackle.  This complexity is compounded when I counterpoint my evaluation of myself against my evaluation of another individual.  Even more complexity is added when I realized that my evaluations are heavily colored by my perspective, assumptions, and particular focus. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Chaotic Mind - Building Harmonies from Cacophony

drawing by Hiking Artist
My experiences today helped lay bare for me the challenges I face wrestling with my own mind.  As I have spent the last two years curating my interests, my brain has lit up in ever more powerful and chaotic ways.  I find it time to face this multitude of thoughts and interests, and to lay out for myself tools I can use to harmonize my mind.

I liken this experience of a child who first discovers each of the multitudes of instruments in an orchestra.  I find myself enamored with what each instrument can do individually, still in that early stage of loudly banging, plucking, and blowing in order to see of what these new tools are capable.  The more I crash around the stage of my mind, the more interesting things I learn.  As of yet, however, I have not built up the skill, precision, or discipline to have all of the instruments play together in harmony.

The challenge on which I embark now is to find the tools, and build the rigor which will allow me to align the electrified instruments of my passions, and have them play in harmony, each one building and compounding on the other.