Friday, March 07, 2014

Small Steps to New Adventures

This past Wednesday, Sharon and I attended our first classroom session for our local community sailing program.  Through three evenings of classroom work, and three mornings out on the water, we will learn the basics of sailing with The Sailing Club of Central Florida.

Sharon and I have long valued taking time for our little family to really get out and explore this big world as well as invest time in exploring our own inner worlds.  We agree that our most fulfilling, engaged, life changing experiences have been when we are together exploring a new place, be that physical or mental.

Sharon sitting with herself atop the Smokey Mountains.
During these adventures, we have tended to spend vast amounts of time together which really affords us the opportunity to converse and connect in a deep concentrated way that we simply do not attain during our work a day lives.

Loud to quiet, fast to slow, airboating in Kissimmee.
On a personal note, I find that I am closest to who I want to be when I am out and about exploring the world with my trusted partner.  I find that I can commit to a level of personal integrity unheard of when I am outside the safe, trusting environment I engender with Sharon.  This integrity is a wonderful feeling of calm that arises as my actions and my values become more and more aligned.

As I look forward to expanding my family safe zone to include a new member or two, I see that I will be taking every opportunity to be the honest, open, supportive, and integrated man I know I am inside.

Sailing skills will be one more tool in our shared toolset that Sharon and I will have to keep pushing the boundaries of personal adventure.  Sailing can afford us access to peoples, places, landscapes, and personal time in farther off destinations and for longer durations than I previously thought possible.

This little program is an inexpensive way for us to get our feet wet in sailing, meet a group of local sailors, and tide us over until our big live aboard class we will be taking this May.  In that later class we will be sailing medium and large boats to take on the skills needed to live aboard a yacht for extended periods of time.

The boat we will be sailing in May!
I have so many ideas, hopes, and dreams nestled around this idea of sailing.  I have enough humility to understand that in many ways sailing is a deep metaphorical lense through which I am evaluating myself, my life, and my personal relationships.  I see great opportunity in this inner exploration, while at once enjoying the outer exploration of this big planet.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences here, both for my own self reflection benefit, and for the benefit of anyone else looking for inspiration on their own adventure.

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